Plump and chewy! Chicken dumpling hot pot recipe & how to cook


Speaking of winter, hot pot is the most popular dish in Japan, and chicken dumpling is indispensable as the main ingredient.
Chicken dumpling is very popular among women because of the contrast and balance of the juicy texture of cartilage, the flavor of green onions, and the aroma of ginger.

However, I guess there are many people who have experienced that it is troublesome to cook when they want to cook it, that they can only find recipes for chicken thighs, and that they are dry when made with chicken breast.

This time, I introduce recipes and how to cook chicken dumplings that are plump and juicy while using minced chicken breast meat, which is healthy and saves a lot of money.
By adding ingredients that are found on any table, you can create a chicken dumpling that is a step above the rest.

After making this recipe for the first time, requests for chicken dumpling hot pot from my family increased rapidly.

Recipe of chicken dumpling hot pot

chicken dumpling hot pot

I introduce a recipe for a full-fledged chicken dumpling hot pot that uses plenty of potato starch and lotus root to create a contrast between the crispy texture and the plump texture that traps moisture.

Potato starch traps the moisture in the chicken breast, which is prone to dryness, and the boiled potato starch has a very pleasant texture, giving you a juicy and satisfying feeling that is as good as chicken thighs.

And as much as it becomes juicy and plump, the crunchy texture of the lotus root comes to life.
While using healthy and budget-friendly chicken breast, this is the only one with a perfect balance! It’s a superb chicken dumpling that makes you think.

Ingredients for chicken dumpling hot pot

Materials Quantity
Minced meat (chicken breast) 200g
〇Chinese dashi 1 teasppoon
〇sake 2 tbsp
〇soy source 1/2 teaspoon
〇miso 1/2 teaspoon
〇ginger 1 teaspoon
Small green onion (chopped) 10cm
lotus root 50g
potato starch 5 tbsps
egg 1

How to cook chicken dumpling hot pot

①Chop the lotus root into 2mm cubes.
②Also chop the spring onion.
③Put the minced chicken breast and seasoning ○ in a large bowl and mix until sticky.
④Add lotus root, green onion, and egg to 3 and mix well.
⑤When the whole is mixed, add potato starch and mix.
⑥When the pot boils, shape it with two large spoons and put it in the pot to complete.

chicken dumpling hot pot

Tips for chicken dumpling hot pot

If you just add green onions and seasonings to minced chicken breast, the chicken dumplings tend to be dry. increase. In addition, since the viscosity can be adjusted with potato starch at the end, there is also the advantage that it is easy to mold even if you add umami seasonings and ingredients with a high water content such as eggs and sake.

Since the amount of potato starch is not small, even a small amount of minced chicken breast can be used to make a large amount of chicken dumplings, which is very useful for saving money.

In addition, the minced chicken itself is healthy with little fat, and the chicken dumplings are refreshing with ginger and green onions, so they are perfect for women, but the chewy texture of potato starch and the crunchy texture of lotus roots are satisfying to eat, and I feel unsatisfactory for men. It’s a very good pot ingredient that won’t let you down.