Taste like chestnuts! Japanese-style boiled pumpkin recipe & how to cook


Boiled pumpkin is a standard side dish in Japan, but when you cookit at home, does it get soggy?

By paying attention to the simmering time and the heat level, you can cook simmered pumpkin that is as fluffy as chestnuts!

I introduce a recipe for excellent boiledpumpkin stew that can be easily made while keeping some tips in mind.

Recipe of Japanese-style boiled pumpkin

Japanese-style boiled pumpkin

When you put your chopsticks into it, the pumpkin cracks and crumbles, giving it a fluffy texture.

By heating it in the shortest possible time and not over-steaming, it creates a fluffy texture like chestnuts.

You can also emphasize the sweetness by cooling it down a bit, so we recommend simmering the pumpkin overnight in the refrigerator.

Ingredients for Japanese-style boiled pumpkin

Materials Quantity
pumpkin 1/4 (about 400g)
〇water 200cc
〇soy source 2 tablespoons
〇sugar 2 tablespoons
〇sake 1 tablespoon
〇mirin 1 tablespoon

How to cook Japanese-style boiled pumpkin

①Cut pumpkin into large pieces
②Heat seasoning 〇 in a pot so that the pumpkins do not overlap, and bring to a boil.
③Add the pumpkin, cover with aluminum foil to remove the lid, and simmer over medium heat for about 15 minutes.
④It’s done when it’s so soft that you can’t feel the hardness with a skewer.

Japanese-style boiled pumpkin

Tips for Japanese-style boiled pumpkin

Bring to a boil and simmer over medium heat so that the aluminum foil on the drop lid moves slightly.

The pot for simmering should be large enough to cover the pumpkin. It shouldn’t be too big and the broth won’t circulate, and it shouldn’t be too small and overlap.

Please simmer for about 15 minutes. It depends on the heat, so if you check whether the bamboo skewer will pass through the large pumpkin about 15 minutes before cooking, it will not fail.

Also, if you chill it a little, the sweetness will increase and it will be delicious.