Easy at home! Pickled sauce makes food so delicious! Authentic YAKITORI(salt-grilled chicken)


Yakitori seems to be a difficult to cook at home, but if you use a grilled fish stove, you can easily enjoy yakitori at home.

You can enjoy authentic yakitori at home that is a little different just by adding it to the pickled sauce.
It’s easy, but delicious and sure to surprise you. It is a perfect dish as a snack with alcohol or as a side dish for dinner.

Easy at home! Authentic Salted Yakitori Recipe(10 Pieces)

材料 分量
Chicken thigh 1
Spring onions 2
〇Sugar  2 teaspoons
〇Mirin  1 tbsp
〇Sake  1 tablespoon
Salt and pepper appropriate amount

How to make authentic salt-grilled chicken

①Remove skin from chicken thighs and cut into bite size pieces.
②Rub ingredients 〇 (sugar, mirin, sake) into the chicken and leave for 10 minutes.
③Cut the onion into bite size pieces.
④Alternately pierce the marinated chicken and green onions with a bamboo comb.
⑤Sprinkle with salt and pepper and bake on the grill for about 5 minutes to complete.
(If it is on one side, check it and flip it over.)

Yakitori Recipe

Thanks to the pickled sauce, the yakitori is one step above the rest, with a moist and strong flavor.
When you take a bite, there is no doubt that you would think, and you would be surprised at the high degree of perfection that is both easy and delicious.

The recipe is simpler and less time-consuming than yakitori with soy sauce. Let’s take that fragrant soy sauce yakitori at the restaurant.

Yakitori Recipe

Yakitori Recipe