No waste! tasty NEGIYAKI(green onion okonomiyaki) recipe and how to cook


Negiyaki is a thin okonomiyaki with a lot of green onion and this is a one of a popular food in Japan.

And Japanese green onion has a white part which is for food and green part which is usually not for food because of strong smell and taste.

This time, I would like to introduce a recipe of negiyaki with strong smell of the green part of the green onion as a good flavor!

Recipe of tasty NEGIYAKI(green onion okonomiyaki)


The green part of the Japanese green onion has a strong texture and a strong flavor, which makes it an excellent negiyaki that can be eaten with sauce or soy sauce mayonnaise.

Thinly grilled and crispy green onions have a perfect balance between the crunchy texture of the green onions and the slightly rich sauce, and it spreads in your mouth.

Ingredient for tasty NEGIYAKI(green onion okonomiyaki)

Materials Quantity
green onion
(green part of Japanese green onion)
3 stalk
〇flour 100g
〇water 100g
〇bonito soup stock (granules) 1 teaspoon
〇soy source 1 tablespoon
〇mirin 1 tablespoon
Kartsuobushi appropriate amount

How to cook tasty NEGIYAKI(green onion okonomiyaki)

①Slice the green part of the Japanese green onion into thin rings and soak in slightly salted water.
②Make the dough by combining ingredients 〇 in a ball.
③Squeeze the green onion tightly and match it with the dough of 2.
④Spread it thinly in a frying pan with sesame oil and bake it on both sides.
⑤Transfer to a plate and sprinkle with bonito flakes.
Please enjoy with “Worcestershire sauce + mayonnaise” or “soy sauce + mayonnaise” or “ponzu sauce”.


Tips for tasty NEGIYAKI(green onion okonomiyaki)

The green part of the green onion has a strong flavor and aroma, so chop it up to weaken the texture and soak it in water with a little salt.

When freezing green onions, cut them into round slices and freeze them for easier handling.

It is filling and makes an excellent side dish for a hearty side dish. Please try it!