The sesame sauce is so tasty! shabu-shabu pork salad recipe & how to cook


It it so good to have a fresh salad in the summer, but don’t you have a lack of protein and an unbalanced nutritional balance?

This time, I introduce the recipe and how to cook a sesame sauce shabu-shabu pork salad with plenty of shabu-shabu pork and a nutritionally balanced sesame sauce!

It’s a quick and easy dish that’s popular with women, men, and children!

Recipe of shabu-shabu pork pork salad

shabu-shabu pork salad

The moist and boiled pork loin is entwined with sesame sauce to create an exquisite taste and umami, while the plenty of vegetables combine a crunchy texture and a refreshing sensation, making it a product with a very good aftertaste and balance.

By adding daikon radish sprouts, the slightly spicy taste is combined and the fat content of the pork loin is refreshing.

Ingredients for shabu-shabu pork pork salad

Materials Quantity
Thinly sliced pork 180g
lettus 5,6 pieces
mini tomatoes 5
onion 1/4
Radish sprout appropriate amount
Materials for sesami doressing Quantity
ground sesame seeds 2 tablespoons
soy source 1 tablespoon
mayonnaise 1 tablespoon
sugar 1/2 tablespoon
sesami oil 1 teapoon
vinegar 1 teaspoon

How to cook shabu-shabu pork salad

①Boil water, add plenty of sake and two pinches of salt (not listed), and boil the pork loin. ②Drain the boiled pork and let it rest.
③Cut vegetables into bite-sized pieces.Combine all dressing ingredients and mix well.
④Toss everything together and drizzle with dressing to complete.

shabu-shabu pork salad

Tips for making shabu-shabu pork salad

Pork is boiled in plenty of sake to reduce the smell and make it delicious.

Also, do not cool with cold water after boiling. By slowly cooling the pork after boiling it, the pork will be moist and moist.

I think it would be fun to adjust the amount of sugar and vinegar in the sesame sauce to your liking!

shabu-shabu pork salad