Healthy and easy! NEBA-NEBA rice bowl with simple ingredients recipe and how to cook


When you don’t have an appetite or when it’s in the hot summer, you may want to eat a NEBA-NEBA(sticky) rice bowl, but I think it’s a recipe that costs a lot of money, such as tororo, mekabu, okra, natto, and seafood.

This time, I introduce a sticky rice bowl that you can be satisfied with with the minimum ingredients.

It is a recipe that can be used as a saving money recipe, so you want to eat a freshing NEBA-NEBA rice bowl, but you don’t want to spend money! In that case, please refer to it.

Recipe of NEBA-NEBA rice bowl with simple ingredients

NEBA-NEBA rice bowl with simple ingredients

I think the following elements are very important for sticky rice bowls.

  1. Two or more sticky elements.
  2. Seafood such as squid and tuna, or umami elements such as egg yolk.

For example, a sticky rice bowl with only tororo will end up being a tororo rice bowl, and the umami elements that go well with soy sauce, such as seafood and egg yolk, will make a good contrast with the refreshing stickiness.

This time, we will introduce three types of saving sticky rice bowls: tororo, natto, and avocado.

Ingredients for NEBA-NEBA rice bowl(for 2 people)

Material for tororo Quantity
yam 200g
〇water 80cc
〇soy source 1 tablespoon
〇white soup stock 1 tablespoon
〇mirin 1 tablespoon
Other materials Quantity
avocado 1/2
natto 2 packs

How to cook NEBA-NEBA rice bowl with simple ingredients

①Heat the tororo seasoning ○ in a pot, bring to a boil so that the alcohol evaporates, and chill in the refrigerator.
②Grind the yam, add the seasoning from Step 1 little by little and spread it out.
③Cut the avocado into cubes.
④Add the attached sauce to the natto and adjust the taste.
⑤Finished with tororo, avocado, and natto on top of rice.

NEBA-NEBA rice bowl with simple ingredients