Great flavor of seaweed and bonito! Japanese-style pasta with seaweed recipe and how to cook


It’s a very popular Japanese-style pasta with a bonito stock and soy sauce base, but don’t you get tired of the same seasoning every time?

This time, I introduce a unique super delicious pasta that uses seaweed and dried bonito flakes!
You can use dried bonito instead of dried bonito, so it is recommended as a recipe that adds a little change to the usual Japanese-style pasta!

The seaweed pasta at a certain restaurant was too good, so I tried to reproduce it myself.

Recipe for Japanese-style pasta with seaweed

Japanese-style pasta with seaweed

Japanese-style pasta with plenty of wakame seaweed and bonito stock is light and full of umami, and is very delicious!

The moment you put it in your mouth, the soup stock with a strong seaweed flavor spreads out and you can enjoy the exquisite flavor.

It is a pasta that is moderately salted and eaten with dashi. You can also use dried bonito, canned tuna, or clams instead of dried bonito.

Ingredients for Japanese-style pasta with seaweed(for 2 People)

Materials Quantity
pasta 180g
olive oil 1 tablespoon
garlic 2 cloves
bonito soup stock 1 teapoon
soy source 1 teapoon
wakame seaweed (raw) 50-70g
skipjack bonito flakes 50g
pasta water 3 ladles
katsuobushi appropriate amount
aonori appropriate amount

How to cook Japanese-style pasta with seaweed

①Put olive oil in a frying pan and sauté minced garlic until fragrant.
②Cut the dried bonito flakes into large pieces, add them to ① and fry.
③Boil the pasta 1-2 minutes less than the indicated time. Halfway through, add 3 ladles of boiling water and wakame seaweed to the sauce.
④Add the pasta to the sauce and simmer a little.
⑤When the pasta has just the right amount of firmness, serve it up and sprinkle with plenty of bonito flakes and aonori if you like, and it’s done.

Japanese-style pasta with seaweed

Tips for Japanese-style pasta with seaweed

The simmering process is very important in order to allow the slightly hard-boiled pasta to fully absorb the finest sauce.

This creates a sense of unity, and you can feel the rich aroma at the moment you put it in your mouth!

Japanese-style pasta with seaweed