Very popular with women! simmered mackerel with plum ginger recipe & how to cook


Mackerel has a unique flavor, so I think some of you don’t like it even if you remove the smell of marbled mackerel.

This time, I introduce a recipe that uses plenty of plum(umeboshi) and ginger to remove the smell and enjoy a refreshing mackerel.

If you are tired of mackerel miso and salt-grilled, please refer to it!

Recipe of simmered mackerel with plum ginger

simmered mackerel with plum ginger

The mackerel simmered with plum and ginger is moist, and when you put it in your mouth, the sourness of the plum and the refreshing feeling of ginger will make you feel like your appetite will come up.

It doesn’t smell like mackerel at all, so I think it’s easy for people who don’t like mackerel and children to eat.

Ingredients for simmered mackerel with plum ginger

Materials Quantity
mackerel 4 pieces
plums(umeboshi) 2 pieces
ginger 4,5 slices
sake 2 tablespoons
mirin 2 tablespoons
soy source 1 tablespoon
water 100cc

How to cook simmered mackerel with plum ginger

①Sprinkle salt on the mackerel to remove the smell (leave it for about 10 minutes), then put a decorative knife in it.

②In a pot large enough not to overlap the 4 slices, remove the seeds and add finely chopped plums, all other seasonings, and water, and heat.

③When it boils, add the mackerel, cover with aluminum foil, and simmer for about 10 minutes on a low heat to complete.

simmered mackerel with plum ginger

Tips of simmered mackerel with plum ginger

Plum and mackerel have the effect of eliminating the odor, so it is easy to eat even for those who don’t like the smell of mackerel.

As a pretreatment, sprinkle salt on the fish and the water that rises to the surface is the odor component, so please wipe it off with kitchen paper before cooking.