Great tasty flavor of squid! simmered squid and daikon radish recipe & how to cook


The simmered squid and daikon radish, which is a popular japanese stewed dish, is delicious because the squid’s flavor is condensed into the daikon radish.

This time, I introduce a recipe for simmered squid and daikon radish that will overflow with the best dashi soup by adding a little extra effort!

It can also be applied to other boiled radish recipes, so please refer to it!

Simmered squid and daikon radish recipe

simmered squid and daikon radish

By thoroughly preboiling the daikon radish in the dashi broth, the fiber will break down and the daikon will absorb the following dashi stock.

By simmering horohoro daikon radish in a salty-sweet dashi stock that has the best squid flavor, it becomes a dish that overflows with the best soup stock.

This recipe is not for enjoying squid, but for enjoying daikon at its best.

Ingredients for simmered squid and daikon radish

Materials Quantity
squid 1
radish 1/2
〇water 300cc
〇soy source 2 tbsp
〇sake 2 tbsp
〇mirin 1 tbsp
〇sugar 1 tbsp
〇Bonito soup stock (granules) 1/2 teaspoon

How to cook simmered squid and daikon radish

① Cut the daikon radish into slightly thicker pieces about 3 cm.

② Add bonito dashi (out of quantity) to water (out of quantity) and simmer the daikon radish for about 20 minutes.

③Remove the squid and cartilage, and cut into 1 cm wide pieces. Cut the geso into bite-sized pieces.

④ Put seasoning 〇 in another pot and bring to a boil.

⑤ Add cut squid and radish and simmer for about 20 minutes.

⑥ Turn off the heat and let it rest for about 1-2 hours to complete.

simmered squid and daikon radish

Tips for cook simmered squid and daikon radish

The daikon radish will eventually lose its moisture and become a little smaller, so cut it so that it is a little thick. Thick daikon radish has a juicy feeling.

Also, by simmering the squid thoroughly in the dashi broth, the fibers break down, allowing the squid to fully absorb the squid broth. By pre-boiling the daikon radish in a small amount of bonito stock, the water content of the daikon radish can be easily removed and the taste will soak in.

It is very important, but please let me sleep for an hour. It not only enhances the taste, but also increases the unity and sense of unity, making the squid and daikon simmered one step higher.

If you want to make it refreshing, you can also add slices of ginger and it’s delicious!