The crunchy clothes are delicious! deep-fried checken


Deep-fried checken is delicious with a crunchy batter, but if you make it at home, the batter is thin and the texture tends to be weak.

After dipping it in egg and flour batter, you can make it crunchy and chewy deep-fried checken by coating it with potato starch.

Ingredients for deep-fried checken recipe for 2 people

Materials Quantity
chicken thigh 400g
〇soy sauce 1 tablespoon
〇sake 1 tablespoon
〇garlic 1 clove
〇ginger amount as garlic
egg 1
flour 1 tablespoon
potato starch 2-3 tablespoon

How to cook deep-fried checken

①Cut chicken thighs into bite-size pieces and marinate in seasoning ○ for 30-60 minutes. Bring to room temperature while soaking.

②Add beaten eggs and flour to ① and mix well.

③After applying potato starch firmly, tap it firmly to remove excess powder. Let it rest for 10 minutes.

The batter won’t come off easily, and it will be a deep-fried checken with a sense of unity!

④Deep fry in 180 degree oil.

deep fried checken