Easy and simple! Stir-fried spinach and corn with soy sauce butter recipe and how to cook


Spinach is very delicious when stir-fried in butter, but this time, I added corn and bacon, which go well together, to stir-fry in soy sauce and butter.

Thoroughly frying the corn also makes it fragrant and delicious.

Recipe for Stir-fried spinach and corn with soy sauce butter (for 4 people)

Materials Quantity
spinach 1 bag
corn 120g
bacon 30g
soy source 1 teaspoon
butter 10g
salt and pepper approprate amount

How to cook Stir-fried spinach and corn with soy sauce butter

① Cut off the roots of the spinach, cut into 3-4cm widths, and soak in plenty of water for about 3 minutes.

It removes the oxalic acid that causes harshness in spinach. When stir-frying, soaking it in water makes it crispier and tastier than boiling it!

② Cut the bacon into thin slices.
③ Spread oil on a heated frying pan and fry bacon and corn until browned.
④ Add spinach and butter, and when it becomes


tender, season with soy sauce and salt and pepper to taste.

The aroma of fragrant soy sauce and butter will whet your appetite. Stir-fried corn and crunchy spinach are the best match and very delicious.

I think that sautéed vegetables that children can eat is perfect for dinner side dishes.